05. Pieces Of Paper

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some sounds take me back
like your key in the door coming home
you standing in the hallway downstairs
taking off your shoes and calling out

those were the moments
i put down on pieces of paper
a desperate try
to hold on to you
and those little moments
i struggle to remember
are scattered all across the floor
on little pieces of paper

some sounds take me back
to that warm summer day in your arms
a clear blue sky staring down on us
the unspoken promise of endless summer days

those were the moments…

some sounds take me back
like the sound of the door on that day
you walking down the driveway
and the car fading off on a sunday in june

those were the moments…



music: Amanda Sørensen-Mølgaard & Michael Jin
lyrics: Michael Jin
instruments: Michael Jin
backing vocals: Elisa Wagner


© 2012 Copenhagen Soundbox