Wilderness (YV1W2658_2_g)

Debut album: Love. Lost.

The title
The album Love. Lost. is of course about lost love. So why not just call it that? Well I guess I wanted to emphasize that the album is also about being in love. And it’s also about being utterly and completely lost.

I think that sums it up for many people who are going through a breakup or who have already broken up. That feeling of residual love and being at a loss as to where to put those feelings and where to go next.

The concept
The first track on the album (Let’s Not Be Friends) was really what got the whole project started. It was only intended as a quick draft recording a late friday night long after everyone else had gone home. The song was recorded on the nearest condenser microphone which was placed at the other end of  a room completely without soundproofing. The result was a surprising naked reverb which gave the track a characteristic lo-fi sound.

I decided to mix the lo-fi sound with some hi-fi elements and to dub with primarily acoustic / folky instruments. And before I knew it the song was finished in the version that starts off the album.

With the track Let’s Not Be Friends as a reference I decided on the following concept: Every song on the album had to be about lost love. And from a sound perspective I was going for singer-song- writer style songs that production wise would experiment with different elements from both lo-fi / hi-fi and acoustic / electronic.

The Album “Love. Lost.” is the result of that concept.

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