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TDC Play tv-commercial
The “Love. Lost.” CD cover is in the new TDC Play / Home Trio commercial on national TV. It’s the one with danish actor Peter Frödin where he’s browsing through TDC Play music on his home TV. Pretty cool cover placement by the wonderful people at TDC!

TDC news article
News article about the album featured on the front page of March 2012.

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Dagens Medicin newspaper article
A 2 page interview and review in the danish newspaper Dagens Medicin (#15, May 4th 2012).


“… beatiful singer-songwriter debut for the late hours …”

“… Jin’s whispery vocals are intimate and endearing and the danish-korean is a skilled somewhat Teitur-esque songwriter. But his true strength lies in creating the minimal and intimate framework that makes the songs stand out at their strongest…”

“… Love. Lost. is a surprisingly self confident and stylish first album from an up until now completely unknown great talent …”

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“… the debut album from Michael Jin grabs a hold of you from the very beginning. The crisp and very intimate production embraces you along with Michael Jin’s soothing voice that is both full bodied yet very calm…”

“… thankfully Michael Jin has something to offer – despite the heartache and the futile strokes in the wake of a lost relationship he still has a strong focus on the music and on his expression …”

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Dagens Medicin

“… it manages in it’s own quite way to whirl around the focus throughout every little nook and cranny of those feeling that we all know so well but that we rarely speak of when we in hindsight attempt to paint the bigger picture of loneliness. Because they are indefinable. They are the kind that need to be experienced …”

“… The contrasts in the smooth and the noisy are deliberately cultivated throughout the album and it’s most certainly a gamble. But it’s a gamble that makes Jin a name that is worth keeping an eye on in the near future …”

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Diskant (7/10)

“… versatile and intimate singer-songwriter …”

“… danish-korean Michael Jin makes his debut with a fine and evocative album that places him in the most precise definition of the singer-songwriter genre …”

“… generally speaking Michael Jin shows impressive skill as a songwriter and this album is in every way an extremely varied one …”

Read the full review (in danish) >


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