The first thing you might notice about Michael Jin is that he does not look particularly danish. Adopted from South Korea and raised by danish parents in a small fishing village on the tip of an island close to Copenhagen that however is exactly what he is – a danish musician.

The second thing you might notice about Michael Jin is that he doesn’t sound particularly danish. In fact many people have found it hard to categorize his style of music. Sometimes folky singer-songwriter sometimes electronic-pop-rock sometimes alternative and experimenting and sometimes with a hint of jazz makes it hard to compare him to other danish musicians today.

At age 15 he got his first guitar and immediately started writing his own songs. The first influences were whatever he could find in his parents music collection – Elton John, Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder and Rod Stewart influenced the songwriting in those early years.

Throughout his youth Michael Jin played in a multitude of cover bands but his main interest was always on the songwriting. As he grew older he started looking more and more towards the american folk and singer-songwriter tradition. Musicians like Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Aimee Mann and Ricki Lee Jones became an important influence. An influence that over the years eventually started to drift more and more towards the local nordic singer-songwriters.

In the years that followed the music took a back seat to study and work. Michael Jin finished medical school and went on to specialize as a General Practitioner. It was during those years he started looking into producing his own music. Due to an erratic working schedule he was unable to maintain a live band but instead turned to turning knobs and sliders in his own little home studio whenever there was a spare moment. However not being around other musicians on a day to day basis the musical inspiration soon started to dwindle away and during the later years music became reduced to a minimum.

During the years of studying and working as a doctor Michael Jin always had a wish of one day returning to the music and again make it an integral part of his everyday life. Having finished his medical specialization he decided to take a leave of absence and once again dedicate himself to playing music full time. Having lost contact with a lot of his fellow musicians he decided to join a school of performing arts to play music and build a new creative network.

Being around other musicians on a day to day basis was a surge of inspiration and being taught by teachers who embraced improvisational jazz and experimental eletronica opened his eyes to new ways of doing things. It eventually led him to a reinvention of his sound. Having always sought to produce music as well polished, smooth and professional sounding as possible he instead focused on incorporating noise, artifacts and soundscaping in often untight minimal lo-fi recordings all the while holding on to his melodic approach to songwriting and the singer-songwriter tradition of straight forward storytelling.

Around 6 months after having started at the school of performing arts he was one night messing around with a simple guitar riff doing a test recording and more or less stumbled into the song Let’s Not Be Friends writing and recording it almost completely in a matter of hours. Using the song as reference he first decided to make an EP which later evolved in to a fully fledged album. All the songs were written, performed and produced by Michael Jin himself. He went on to release a demo version of the album which was soon picked up for distribution by Warner Music Denmark.

The album is set to be released in retail and digitally on March 12th 2012 and will be available throughout Scandinavia.

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