1st review: GAFFA

The first review is in – and what a great one it is! The leading danish music magazine Gaffa gives 4 stars and some very flattering comments:

“… Jin’s whispery vocals are intimate and endearing and the danish-korean is a skilled somewhat Teitur-esque songwriter. But his true strength lies in creating the minimal and intimate framework that makes the songs stand out at their strongest…”

“… Love. Lost. is a surprisingly self confident and stylish first album from an up until now completely unknown great talent.”

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The CD is out!

The CD is finally out! What a fantastic feeling! I must admit that it has been quite a long proces getting the album ready for release. Even though the rough CD was finished mid 2011 the final tweaking for release took some time and on top of that we decided to push the release to Q1 of 2012 to avoid the christmas holiday release-rush.

The final tweaking proces included adding an extra song to the original 9 song lineup, completely revamped artwork and a remastering of the album.

With the CD out the hard work to actually get people to listen to the album starts. The marketing people at Warner Music Denmark are already hard at work and I can’t wait for the reviews to start coming in…

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Sunset (YV1W2952_sunset_g)

The CDs have arrived!

Finally! The CDs are here – and they’re absolutely gorgeous. I’m especially impressed by the front cover that for me is spot on.

The front cover is actually a photograph of a semi developed polaroid giving it a unique texture and a faded almost vintage-like expression. The colours have been desaturated a bit, but the really amazing thing about the colours is that they are vey light dependent – meaning that you’ll get a very different colour tone depending on the light source. At one moment the front cover will seem bleak and cold and the next it will seem infused and warm. How cool is that…

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Busy, busy, busy…

Today I finally signed off on the CD artwork and with the finished master already in hand we were finally able to ship everything off to the big bright CD factory for the manufacturing part of the whole shebang.

We have added a single track to the original line-up giving us 10 tracks in total nearing 42 minutes of total playtime. The last track added is titled Needs and is a somewhat unsettling duet co-written by the two talented singer-songwriters Barbara Lind and Nina Kongsholm, the latter also being the co-vocalist on the track.

The artwork has been completely revamped by graphic designer André Leit (iBureauet) and I couldn’t be more excited about the final result…

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New single: Alright.

Alright is the first single from the album Love. Lost. At its core it’s a simple singer-songwriter love song but it’s produced very much as a pop-rock track with a hint of electronica. The surprising sound dynamics going from verse to chorus and back makes it instantly recognizable. It’s the one song on the album that time and again makes people stop in their track and pay attention. That makes for a good single I think.

The song itself is about a lost relationship. But before the actual split. She was in a self-destructive downward spiral and I – well I was trying to save her and what little was left of the relationship. Maybe that was why we both closed our eyes to the obvious – that it was ending. And why we kept telling ourselves that everything would be alright…

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Debut album: Love. Lost.

The title
The album Love. Lost. is of course about lost love. So why not just call it that? Well I guess I wanted to emphasize that the album is also about being in love. And it’s also about being utterly and completely lost.

I think that sums it up for many people who are going through a breakup or who have already broken up. That feeling of residual love and being at a loss as to where to put those feelings and where to go next.

The concept
The first track on the album (Let’s Not Be Friends) was really what got the whole project started. It was only intended as a quick draft recording a late friday night long after everyone else had gone home…

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